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march 14, 2012 // 12:19am

Well, this is totally bizarre. It's like I used to have some sort of "web log" where I would post thoughts and photos and links and things. I used to post them very often, and after a while got busy and would only end up posting on my birthday.

After a three year hiatus, I'm back again. And it really does feel odd. When I started this, nobody knew what a blog was. If this was a blog, I sure wouldn't have called it that. But now that everybody and their step-mother-in-law blogs, I kind of forgot that it's something I used to do too.

Did I run out of things to say? Probably not. Did my outlet for random thoughts move on to friendster myspace facebook? Partially. Did I have a son, and gradually feel less of a need to share my personal dealings with the vast, mysterious internet? Yes.

But should I totally ignore this page and let it die a sad, creaky death? Nah. Because these pages are all still here, a weird little time capsule where I can see what I was thinking eleven years ago after drinking too much, how I looked holding a beer and a case of grilling tools on my birthday ten years ago, and so on AND so forth.

So yeah, maybe this'll be my semi-annual place to say hello and reminisce about getting older.

The quick thirty-five update: life is good.

Work is busy. I work on great projects for great clients and really enjoy what I do. I've been very lucky in this "career" type thing of mine, and I never forget it.

Home life is good, I'm happily married with an awesome son and another someone on the way. Our growing family is soon stretching the limits of this 2 bedroom apartment we moved into 10½ years ago, so there may be a move before my next entry here. Perhaps a drastic move; who knows! You'll have to check in on my 36th or 37th birthday to find out. (oh man that sounds old!)

Well it's time for this 35-year-old guy to take out the trash and call it a night. Nights end earlier these days than they used to, but that's mainly because mornings start earlier than they used to.

Until then, you can find me on various internet locations, depending on what you're interested in hearing about. My current basic social media empire:

  • fishbucket blog: business-related announcements
  • facebook: more personal stuff, but limited to people I actually know
  • twitter: business stuff and occasional random thoughts
  • tumblr: random images and nonsense
and that's about it. Have yourself some fun and stay out of trouble, you crazy kids!

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